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Ruqyah Cure- An Authentic Antidote for Illness

Allah has created the earth which contains a lot of jaw-dropping places and embellished them with flowers, ornaments, Gold and what not. He covered the 70% of earth surface with water, and then filled magma deep down in rocks and mountains. He bedecked night with a brighter day and created summers followed by winters. He forged everything in pairs, Every disguise with a blessing. There is a very famous proverb;

“ There is a will, there’s a way”

He created a lot of diseases to test our patience, to provide us resilience and then created cures for them. There is no disease on earth without a cure. Allah has provided an antidote for every misery in Quran. All worldly cures are there in its verses, this is what basically Ruqyah is about. Recitation of Quranic verses for the cure of disease and we are going to help you about it a lot. So let’s take a quick ride through our article and solve your queries.


Ruqyah Shirkiyyah

In this type, the concentration and core of Ruqyah lead towards sin and annihilation, as it comprises of Shirk (calling upon other than Allah SWT). Mostly, the reciter is seeking help from Charms, Amulets, Jinn, Magicians, and Horoscopes.

In Essence, the practice is absolutely prohibited in Islam and can be extracted from the words of Hadith of Prophet ﷺ mentioned above.

Who is permitted to perform Ruqyah?

It is believed that Ruqyah can be performed by anyone and everyone, regardless of age, gender, and status in piety. It is even mentioned, one can do Ruqyah for their own self, a man for his wife and wife for his husband.

In fact, Allah Loves piety, care for each other, and zikr of Allah.

Allah (SWT) says in the Quran: “Verily, Allah accepts from the Muttaqeen” (Al-Ma’edah: 27)


About Ruqya

There are two types of knowledge that can be aggregately divided into:

• The Islamic knowledge: it comprises of knowledge of Tawheed, complete knowledge of Haram and Halal, and afterlife, and beliefs.

• Worldly Knowledge: it comprises of knowledge of worldly subjects, sciences, people and their behaviors, and life in general.

When a person wishes to treat people with Ruqya, he/she must possess both types of knowledge; moreover, he must be educated and qualified to treat people and communicate.

One must also have the knowledge of treating the jinn, evil, devils, and the ways they work and preferences. Moreover, the one who wishes to treat people should be pious in nature, both outwardly and inwardly.

Another added plus would be the person interested should be regular in zikr and worship. Also, we must strive to immerse ourselves in all kinds of right deeds, for this will only be a great form of annoyance and defeat for Iblees.

In another context, mental illness can sometimes be overshadowed and misconstrued with Jinn Possession and may confuse people. There is a very thin line to identify between the two; hence it is vital for a Raqi to have that knowledge before performing a Ruqya.

How can sickness be diagnosed?

When sickness is caused by a jinn or any other kind of mental ailment, it is vital to diagnose the cause of the illness first. If the practitioner has identified the root cause and reason behind the ailment, then only he can treat it.

In case if a person is affected due to witchcraft, the practitioner must have the remedy to address the problem accordingly. Similarly, if the ailment is inflicted due to an evil eye or envy, the practitioner must understand how to approach the problem.

For every problem, the diagnosis, the treatment, and the method to approach the ailment are different from the other.


The Signs to look out for by Raqi

Here are some key points to diagnose a person by Raqi:

• When and how did the sickness begin

• The type of ailment and how is it affecting the overall health

• If the patient had recently or during the sickness had any dream, that may be a great help in figuring out the cause of the sickness. It will also elaborate on the fact if the illness is merely an affliction of the evil eye, witchcraft, or revenge.

• How does the patient feel when Quran is recited in front of the patient

• Does the patient feel evidently unenthusiastic towards Zikr of Allah and namaz?

• The timing of feeling drowsy and sleepy during the day

• If the patient is experiencing pain, moving pains, numbness, and particularly pain in their private parts

• If the patient feels sobbing, cranky, and emotional for no reason

• Tightness in the chest, inability to breath, feel breathlessness even in the absence of any strenuous activity

• If experiencing continuous headaches, and even no relief after treatments

• Irregular and frequent menstruation in women

These are some important signs to watch for, and these signs will be a great help in identifying the underlying reason and cause of ailments.

Know when you need Ruqya

To find out if you need Ruqya, don’t hesitate to contact our Admin team on the numbers provided via the Contact us page, and they will be of assistance to you in answering your questions.